This site is aimed at promoting the long distance off-road route between Lowestoft and Lands End and similar routes and will also include advice about preparing for big rides as well as commuting and maintenance and probably a few off-topic musing loosely related to bikes. We ride to get about as well as on adventures and we started riding as a family many years ago, so expect a few items on that too.

As George Orwell never quite wrote

4 wheels good, 2 wheels better

About Jon

Hi! I discovered bikes as a means of exploring and adventure when I was a teenager around Cheltenham UK. 4 decades later I am still discovering on the path less travelled now around Ipswich UK. Starting with touring bikes, I have moved through motorbikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and had brief daliences with road and electric bikes. Now I use a gravel bike for fun and a sit up and beg for commuting.

I worked my way up to the #LowLE trip with many solo rides inspired by the Sandlings Way. A right of passage to secondary school for my kids was a 2 day bik-packing trip along Sandlings. I’ve also done the South Downs Way and a trip to Paris from Ipswich incorporating the Flitch Way, Lee Valley and the Avenue Verte in France. My future plans include the Dorset Dirt Dash (sadly cancelled this year) and one day Lands End to John o Groats.

About Immy

Hi! I’ll be adding hints and tips from a relatively new cyclist’s standpoint that some people might see as second nature, but came as quite a surprise to me! 

I grew up cycling mainly as a means of transport in and around Ipswich, although Jon (my dad) regularly tried to get me out for fun. In 6th form I commuted 25 miles via bike and train, but still didn’t really see myself as sporty until I went to uni and joined the rowing team.

Coming back in the holidays, I was keen to find a way of keeping my fitness up without access to much equipment, and to maintain the sense of freedom that being out on the river had given me. Cycling (to Jon’s delight!) fits the bill perfectly. I joined him and my brother on #LowLE last year, and during lock-down have got even more into cycling, investing in an entry level road bike which I’ve used to explore Suffolk. While at uni, I cycle on a town bike with a basket to get to/from lectures and, most importantly, big Tesco!

Jon & Immy

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