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Cycling Resolutions in 2022

The biggest of my cycling resolutions in 2022 will be to go bikepacking/cycle camping for the first time this millennium.  Previously I’ve done loads of motorcycle camping but experiences of powering myself and camping were all when I was much, much younger.  I hatched this plan during sunny autumn days with the gorgeous colours of leaf-fall all around.  Sitting here now we’ve had over a week of rain and dull damp weather,  camping doesn’t sound quite so appealing, but better weather awaits!

I am also planning another long distance adventure with my youngest.  Long distance, fixed times of transport links and teens for me means hostels and B&Bs to ensure the fun exceeds the adversity. LowLE again is certainly a contender and I’ve been looking at alternatives too. These trips will have plenty of challenges in common.  Adventure is rooted in overcoming challenge and is available on the door step.  Just as well, as we may have another year of Covid disrupted travel ahead, so staycations are firmly on the agenda again.  I’ll post my preparations here as I go. I hope it inspires and helps you with your adventures, door step or further afield.

Adventure ride challenges, and articles to look forward to in 2022.

  1. Planning
  2. Equipment & testing
  3. Training
  4. Fuelling the ride
  5. Navigation

I’ll also provide ride reports and routes. Completing the Basil Brown Route, with more road sections (as requested) and add more off-road gravel bike routes in Suffolk. A busy year ahead for Two Wheels Better!

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