Track over north Cornish moors, near Lands End off-road

NEWS – LOWLE Published on Cycling UK

Cycling UK’s website now has our LowLE, Lowestoft to Lands End, off-road route and story on their site – woohoo :D! My thanks to Dan Joyce for his editorial advice & encouragement and keen eye to improve my copy. Thanks also to Sophie Gordon who cleaned up my route and published the approved 1MB GPX off-road route file here. Even more exciting is that the route across the moors north of Penzance is now properly official. Apparently its status was questionable but Sophie and others have worked with the landowners and incorporated it into the new West Kernow Way. Wonderful news for all cyclists. Another great reason to join and support Cycling UK’s work (you get free insurance too!).

Track over Bosullow moors
Track over Busullow, mine on the skyline.

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