Inspired by a number of great YouTube channels we decided to have a go at filming ourselves while riding. We’ve got 2 videos on YouTube right now and more in the pipeline. But what the heck we’ve launched on YouTube anyway!

Our first mini series gives some ride ideas – combining a ride with a wild, or open water swim. We did this in September and November and had a hoot! Friends heard what we were planning and wanted in. So far we have our first, the Deben at the start of September then the Orwell in November. We have rides to and swims in the sea at Felixstowe, and the Stour at Dedham coming up.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of cold water swimming are getting recognised. Cycling is also really good exercise too, so it was great to have fun and keep healthy at the same time. Sure it was a bit cold at times, but the buzz from the swim with friends was huge and the riding got us warm. Sunny days certainly help, so if its nice and you want a ride, but cannot think where to go, do something a bit different and pack your swimming stuff. Find that adventure on your door step – no car required!

If you are feeling stressed in lockdown then we hope this gives you an idea for a ride. The places we’ve visited for a swim are among my favourites. The brightness of the reflected light from the water lifts any day. If you cannot swim in the water near you, don’t be put off, get out for a ride to some shimmering water near you and feel the benefits! Who knows it could be the beginning of a journey to a bigger adventure like the epic LowLE trek.