Waldringfield bridleway closure notice

Waldringfield Bridleway Closed for 6 months!

Bridleway closed and blocked by fencing
Bridleway closed on one of my favourite routes 🙁

I rode this off-road route to Waldringfield at the weekend and found a long section of bridleway closed. Incredibly the council have agreed to close it for 6 months!! This includes all the of Easter holidays, the extended Jubilee holiday and most of the summer holidays. One month into the ban there is little sign of work affecting the path, apart from putting up shiny fencing.

The closure starts right next to the Stables Coffee shop if you are heading from Ipswich. There is an alternative posted along foot paths, but no diversion is marked from the location of the closure to the alternative signposted. At least they’ve OK’d the alternative route for bridleway users with the council.

There is a named contact person (laura.culham@taylorwimpey.com if you want to make contact). It looks like the fencing team have been over enthusiastic and blocked access to a section of bridleway not covered by the closure near the entrance to the gravel works. I will post updates here

When I have ridden the alternative route, I will post a revised off-road route to Waldringfield, bridleway closed or not!

Main image: Details of the closure notice posted near the Stables Cafe.

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